I stare into the mirror, 
What do I see?
A lost boy that looks like me.
I see his fears and desires
dangling lifeless from a tree.
I see his beards like fires
consuming what's left of me
Tell me, are you alright?

Mirror, mirror
Tell me, is this me?
That frail boy 
whose heart's ripped
whose blood drip
whose nose bleed
whose eyes weep
whose back bear scars of whips.
Maybe I should end it all... 
lean up against my wall, 
mirror and I side by side
and cry.
Tears shall stream down my face
as I make incantations
of names that did me much hurt...
More tears shall begin to stream down
as I begin to sing good-bye
Good-bye sunshine, 
good-bye moon
good-bye flowers
good-bye Uju
I came, I saw
Can’t say I didn’t try
Heaven knows I swam
but the waves...

Mirror, mirror
please help me breathe.
I lost view of me
I come to you for comfort,
not for vanity...
Oh reflection! Self destruct!
You are not me!
You lie to me
When I look happy, you frown
When I look professional, you wear rags
When I look crappy, you look classy.
But you don't tell me, 
how to look within...
You only tell me what I see
What they say...you agree.

Mirror , mirror
Tell me what do you see
When my face is hidden, 
and my hearts incomplete?
A clown?
A king?
I'll look within.
But then I look deep within, 
eyes shut against
the dazzling sights without,
in the mirror of my soul
I see my present, and my past, 
and what the future holds
wealthy and destitute
dignified and indecorous...
This doesn't feel right.

Mirror , mirror 
From cradle to teen
I've been standing here
I thought you were my friend...
but you've left me troubled, lost, lonely
With tear-stained cheeks and woolly hair
You tell the truth
You mirror my thoughts
You take off my mask
and mirror me reality
of how I feel
about what others say about me 

Mirror, mirror
My made-up fantasy
Mirror me,
with eyes within
I see myself as what I am, 
And what I could have been.
I see the shadow side of me, 
That’s hidden deep within.
As I stare at my reflection, 
with the eyes of salvation
my salvation, 
staring back through my own eyes
I see myself, not like the mirror dude
not as others do.
I see truth...
But I also see the lies
I tell myself about you.

Mirror, mirror
I now can look within
and get rid of your disguise, 
Of Thorns, Truth, and Tears.
I now look within
and get rid of your guile
through my own eyes, 
I can see my deepest fears
I can look 'em in the face
I can clench my fist
and punch 'em in the face.

Well mirror, mirror
thanks for being there...
for helping find myself.
It’s time I step away,
yes, twill be for years...
It’s time my mask came off for good
It's time the real me mirrors itself