Life! When she whips you
And dashes your dreams to the rock
The rock of disappointment 
What do you do? 

When before your very eyes
You watch your age adding up
And responsibilities piling up
What do you do?

When the hopes of siblings 
Seem to hang upon your neck 
All eyes seem stayed on you
What do you do?

In search of greener pasture
Many have wandered
Into the den of misery
And to untimely death have surrendered

The e'er perched tongue of mother Sahara
And the insatiable womb of Lady Mediterranean
Has gulped with utmost glee 
The waters of perspiration that flee 
From the broken pores of hustlers
And many a glorious destiny 
Has stayed buried 'neath that tomb

If I may but ask 
Why aren't thou fair? 
Why laden our hearts with fear
Until our vigor is lost to strenuous task?

The struggle for survival 
Has forced many a youth
To forfeit their very root
And stagger from their land of birth
Into the waiting arms of cold death
While loved ones still await their arrival

Oh! Life! 
You never cease to befuddle me.
If you can hear my husky voice
And see the stream from my sullen eyes 
The warm blood from my bleeding heart
And the sickening groans of my soul 
I beseech thee to be fair for once
For many will quit thee given the choice
Open thou the fountain of fortune 
And let the waters of relief flow

Life! Be thou considerate 
For many are desperate 
Desperate to survive 
In haste to arrive.

© Poet4Christ
Alfred Joseph