Once a month she would wear something sexy beneath her charcoal trouser suit, something only she could know.

She had stopped counting the months since her last date, let alone her last fling. She wondered what had happened to her. She used to take risks. She used to be spontaneous. She was embarrassed that she had traded it all in for a T-shirt bra and a competitive wage. She wanted more than anything to reconnect with herself, and she knew it wouldn’t happen unless she took a risk and made it happen.

Mitchie wanted a break from maturity and Mark was going to provide it. They were colleagues. Mark is a cool gentle man. Mitche is the quiet wild girl.

He would wink at her. She would smile and blow a kiss. Work became fun since the day Mark was posted to her branch.

She knew it... they both wanted that escape from fantasy. Down the hall that connects the back exit door, they stood, staring hard and long. She pressed her back against the door and took him by the tie, pulling him to her, and without a word, they kissed hard and urgently. He wrapped one strong hand around the back of her head, gripping her long hair, and pressed his weight into her.

“We only have five minutes,” she whispered, almost to herself, “before the janitor arrives.” They locked eyes. “You need to fuck me, and you need to do it right now.”

She quickly undid Mark’s belt and zipper, and found him hard, thick and ready. She pulled it out and stroked it as she stroked herself, and then pulled him to her, lifting her leg to his waist. He held Mitchie’s leg around him and felt her wetness as she guided him inside her.

Mark lifted her leg a little higher so she was on tiptoes, and stroked long, satisfying strokes in and out of her. Mitchie could feel his strength, he was essentially lifting her off the ground and pressing her into the door like he was going to fuck her through it.

Her face was turned up at the ceiling, eyes closed, mouths opened, soaking wet and moaning loudly... every single thrust bringing her closer to the finish line...she raced towards orgasm.

Exhausted, they slumped into each other smiling, the sounds of the janitor's whistling sneaked into their ears as their senses rallied.

They pressed their foreheads together and kissed and headed for the back exit door.