Where does my mind end 
and yours begin? 
In your heart?

Where does my body end 
and yours begin? 
Between the legs?
On our lips?

Are there limits to my finger tips 
and borders to your skin?
I want to scale the fence
of your abstinence defense
and drop a cone
full of honeycomb.

Why cringe at my touch?
Why from my finger tips withdraw?
Shouldn't we be a seamless blend of two beings?
We are two souls fused in a body.

I think the thoughts I had were mine, 
but they reflect in your smiles.
I think the glint in your eyes
is a product of my desire.

Come, come to me, darling
lets quietly in the union of our spirits
share in this communion of heat.

Musical they are
the sound of pleasure I hear
are they yours?

I also must own that smile
that sit on your face...
for it seems that in the touch we share 
and in our common thoughts
there springs from within us
a fount of bliss.

A common sensual joy 
A common thirst
expressed in a combined voice neither claims...
More...I want..

Of our touch, 
our thought, 
our erotic pleasure 
known to both and shared, 
for we are one. 
Never to be shred.