Tonight, as I lay here in this darkened room,
My body helpless as desire seems to consume. 

My bed so lonely without you laying here next to me, 
As steaming hot passion burns uncontrollably free. 

As inside my heart, flaming desires are definitely sprung. 
My lips are moistened, with my feverish tongue, 
I begin to moan, but try hard to keep it hush. 

My breast bare, as the night chill gives them a rush, 
To delicate places, my fingers slowly come to a rest. 

Tenderly, my fingers dribble down my bare breast, 
I circle my nipple, 
as a chill flows through, 
As sweat begins to build, 
upon my body so well, 
Inside of me a passion burns, 
so deep with thoughts of you. 
I linger on to places, 
that even more feelings can dwell. 

As my fingers dip into the deeper depths of me. 
Down to my stomach, 
my fingers seem to glide, 
Down to that spot, 
where my passion seems to hide. 

A hot burning desire, 
I feel the flames flowing so free, 
As I want with excitement, 
So wet and flaming the power of my desire, 
Inside this spot is the total height of my extreme fire. 

My mind trapped in thoughts of you beside me so, 
So much hot passion, that I moan, 
The faster my fingers seem to go. 

A deep sigh, a erotic moan, 
a deep emotion breaking free, 
Sounds of rapture wanting to erupt, 
A burning desire, inside my body so deep, 
and open up to total ecstasy. 
Unable for silence to keep. 

Upon my body, 
a burning desire I can't keep away. 
Thoughts of you consume my soul and my heart, 
As this burning desire within me comes forth to depart. 

As emotions inside me remind me of your sweet love. 
I let go of myself, and seem to float high above, 

Oh tonight, 
I may dream and feel this rapture, so true, 
My bed empty, 
where in my mind you lay, 
But, tomorrow, my love, 
But tomorrow it will be so real. 
I will give all this desire to you, 
and only you. 
A burning desire, 
inside we both shall feel, 
As tonight may be just a fantasy.