Sometimes all we need, after a stressful sun tanning day, to feel refreshed are nice words or just one honest compliment.

Why We Should Compliment More

Compliments encourage others who are struggling:
A compliment can truly be all that stands between someone being successful and giving up. Stand in that gap and offer an encouraging word.

Compliments strengthen (and soften) relationships: 
Compliments convey respect. 

Compliments can also serve to melt the ice between you and an antagonist:
As I’ll discuss below, offering a compliment requires a bit of humility and a lot of honesty, and it also tells the receiver that even if you don’t like anything else about them, you can at least admit to admiring that one quality. 

Compliments charm others and increase our circle of influence:
People like surrounding themselves with those who make them feel good, and nothing makes a person feel better about themselves than a thoughtful compliment. If you want to make new friends or increase your influence among co-workers and colleagues, make an effort to “catch them doing something good” (it works for everybody!) and then complimenting them on it. Be honest too.

Compliments help you be less cynical: Here's a quote I love...
“We pay too much tribute to a few human insects when we let their wrong-doing paralyze our faith in humanity. It is a lie of the cynics that says ‘all men are ungrateful,’ a companion lie to ‘all men have their price.’ We must trust humanity if we would get good from humanity. He who thinks all mankind is vile is a pessimist who mistakes his introspection for observation; he looks into his own heart and thinks he sees the world.” - William George Jordan.
Naturally, humans have a tendency to concentrate on the negative. When you start looking for reasons to offer compliments, you increase the sensitivity of your antennae for picking up on good stuff – the positive, admirable things that people do every day. Don’t look now stony heart, a tear was just squeezed from you.

Kind Words Live Longer...Yes, Words Heal

So I was walking down the street, some crazy aliens drumming like crazy in my head. I dragged my weary frame down the ever busy Umuerim Road, Nekede, navigating my way home.

"Michael Jackson!" 

It was a familiar voice. I am not MJ but I turned to see my friend seating in front of a phone accessory shop grinning and gesturing towards me. He's probably telling the guy next to him; 

"That's him, my Michael Jackson".

"How are you?" I grumbled, my head aching. 

He grinned even wider "I'm existing, buddy. Where are you going to?"


I replied and made to excuse myself. A few steps away, he called on me and... 

"You are beautiful. I love your smile"

I still don't know where those smiles erupted from. I caught myself grinning like him as I walked away. I felt better. A lot better. But my head ached still.

A few blocks away, eyes buried on my phone screen, reciting a poem in my mind and basking in the previous compliment... someone blocked my path. I looked up. Her smile - dashing.

"Hello handsome. No road here"

I returned the smile. I recognize her. A friend of my friend. 

"It's been a while. Where have you been?" I inquired. 

"Look at you... I called the other time and you were asking 'who is this?'"
"Are you serious?"

She went on to chatter about how nicely I sang the other day in church. 
"Don't flatter me please" I flushed. 

"I cannot flatter you. If one see a good thing, one should compliment it"  She said amidst smiles.

I smiled. 

"Really you have a cute voice. Keep it up"  

I've never felt any better ever. She bade me bye with the sweetest of smiles. 

It was magical. My step changed, the headache subsided, smiles possessed my face, a new energy swept through my tired frame... I felt rejuvenated instantly.

As I walked home, I felt much better. The effect of such comments lasted through the next day. Kind Words Live Longer...Yes, Words Heal.

Say something nice, and mean it, to someone. Yes, words heal.