Happy Birthday to ME!

Yes, I'm +1 today and I feel really excited about it. Here, a piece of what I do best for myself.


Another year has come and gone, 
faster than the last. 
Here I am another year older 
and another year wiser. 
A few more beard strands 
and perhaps a wit or two. 

I am proud to be blessed 
with laugh lines from laughing. 
I enjoy my shimmering beard strands
no matter how few.

I believe that I am the equivalent to a fine wine
or a delicious old cheese. 
The older the better. 
I am thrilled to be another year older today! 

I remind myself every year 
on this special day 
that I am loved and I belong here.
I remind myself every day
how blessed I am 
to have been given another year 
to experience the wonders of this beautiful world!
To flip my pen and spill fine words
To smile a little prettier
To aim and achieve more goals
To live happier
To love deeper
To laugh louder
God is good!

I love this older me
Oh birthday, I love thee 
Happy Birthday to me!