'Happy birthday...anyway''may the memories fade away''I have no more need for hay'Happy birthday...anyway'
Fingers trembling on guitar chords
Yes, I compose songs
Through tad toils
my feet has kissed many soils
From which gained a thousand spoils
Still my heart boils

On this endless journey of mine
Gold I found, not silver
All rot pearls
I couldn't love
But no! I went on
You moved on!

Just like rainfall in the desert
Just like sunshine in the groove
Just like food in famine
Just like Hadassah to the Jews
I found you
Out of the purple
I saw blues

Crystal clear eyes that burst my boils
Giving me a relief not meant for boys
My feet has kissed many soils
In search for love...
Still my heart boils.

Fine fingered fellow, you were
your finger on the guitar chords
...like mine
you passed me the stethoscope
whilst I rap to your heartbeat
drinking in your smile
like new palmwine...
And the words that from your lips dripped
became my favourite song - 
You... were my favourite song.

'Irreplaceable you are'
You said.
But I'm long flung off your heart
like an abomination...
I was supposed to be your religion
but you swapped gods
I died many times
on the altar of love and sacrifice
but you kicked my 'buts'
and threw tantrums
because I couldn't come...
I was supposed to be your sleeping and waking 

Or so I thought
that's what you made of me.

Countless times
In one night
Your honey coated lips sweetened my toils
Made the search in desert land worth the toil.
You had me bubbling 
like an Arabian hot spring.
And for the first time in a long while
You became my definition of love.
Love...it hurts...haha
If there be friends
My friendliest you are...
If there were besties
My best of besties you are...

I would've stood on the hilltop
And coo like a songbird
That all creation may hear
How I went on a crucial sojourn
In search for something
How I found something
And returned full of nothing.
Because the mode of your operation
couldn't suit my average passion

Pray all mankind plea
That you come bounce back...bitch
But would divinity heed?
Maybe, cuss...that's a sin

From the sky
I sighted a lush land
'Dive I shall'
Told me I
Prayed my landing be soft
That our project succeed
That the galaxies permit
That the design of this
with glistering stars come real
That this dream be reality...
Diamonds don't glow
They reflect.
I thought I had gold,
or was it dirt?

I thought constellations were on our side
Starless night!
I thought the dreams of two
had no option but come through...
The inscription above the sky
     wasn't mine
       to relish or admire.
I took the jewel of another
I must be jailed so another
might take my place
I think I should hide my face.
But you are loved still
My heart might be made of steel
Yet you splashed the rare care on me
so graciously like it was mine to have.
and melt I did
Heck! The warning signs...
I should've heed!
But were are just tools in the hands of the maker
His perfect purpose prime presides 
over messed up mortal minds.
So while this gulf enlarges
and the bridge sinks
I shall wave a flag still
as the trump of a birth not still
reverberates across this sea

'Happy birthday...anyway'
'may the memories fade away'
'I have no more need for hay'
'Happy birthday...anyway'

It's your birthday
I don't want to hate
so...I'll get off my bed
and as a Song Bird
'Happy birthday...anyway''may the memories fade away''I have no more need for hay'Happy birthday...anyway'