Prose & Poetry Hood Publishers presents You Are Loved And You Belong Here, a collection of poems on the memories: perils, plights and pride of the writers’ homes.

You Are Loved And You Belong Here is a rich collection of letters to the depressed, sad and lonely. It is the ray of hope at the end. Beams brighter the light at the tunnel end.

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Depression is real. On daily basis, many take their lives to escape from the hurt and frustration that colour their lives in ugly shades of grey. 

Naturally, humans desire to be loved, appreciated and even crave validation from loved ones, but not all seem to get this desire evenly satisfied. 

Subtly, love-starved souls slip into depressed moods, from a distance, they watch love and acceptance fly past them into the arms of neighbours, colleagues, siblings, relatives, friends... but none ever rings their bell. 

They feel unloved, unwanted, less human, inferior, sad, hurt, rejected, dejected and eventually, suicidal. 

This book is a collection of letters, articles and daily musings that serves as a reminder to you, who’s emotionally bruised that You Are Loved, And You Belong Here.

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