Everyday I must fight, 
whether I wish it be or not. 
Armed to the teeth
Three tats for one tit.
Armed with fearful weapons:
a penlike machine gun, 
rock powdering grenade words, 
and a Swiss pocket knife
to slit a throat or two
and make a few tattoo.

I strike first, 
I strike hard, 
I strike fear in my enemies. 
I fear first
I flee first
I return like a wounded lion
swoop down like the rapture
and take their souls to Hades.

Life is a battleground
I am a soldier.
Whoever owns this army
on my birthday made me a recruit. 
From cradle to creche
I crawl on...
for survival I fight on.
From toddler to teenager
I wage wars...
First against them.
A party to every win
Until the battle turned against me.

Lucifer must be the General, 
we all his minions
Sargent without ranks.
Because on creation's eve
he had a feel of Eve
Adam sold siblings and I
to a Serpentine Army.
Whether or not we wish it
on missions we go for him.

Zombies we are and ever shall be
until the sun peaks from the east.
But for the fount of Calvary
on we'll fight for Lucifer
until death ticks the register.

So join us, 
the rebels...
take up your cross
Lets treat our master to some hell