Are the years getting shorter? Oh well, no. But your life is.

Time flies! 
You have heard this saying before, no doubt, but have you ever asked the next logical question, "but to where?"

For most young people time moves pretty fast, but to nowhere really.

As the sun kicks darkness of the night sky...time ticks off: 
To endless chatter.
To eventual mediocrity.
To hours of sleep.
To Tweeting, Facebooking, name it.

Their time is flying but they proly ain't wise enough to direct it to useful activities that would add value to life.

Let me ask you: 
Is it enough that an airplane is flying? 
Shouldn't the pilot have a destination in mind?

Your time flies like an airplane and you are the pilot. HOW and TO WHAT you channel your time matters. 

What's your goal in life? 
Are your goals shaping or distorting your essence? 
Be wise!

It pretty scary to know how time flies. Time flies...memories don't. Make good use of now and the memories won't haunt you in the future.

Time flies. 
It's up to you to be the navigator.