Duty calls but the voices in my head would rather I lend my ears, heart and finger to their dictate.

"Shut up, and go to sleep!" I yelled at my characters.

"Why?" the protagonist queried 

"I need to sleep" I babble back

"But you created us" argued the newest character.

"We just need you to finish this story, so we'll know what to do." cried the antagonist character.

"Y'all shut the hell up. I have work to do."

"Ain't we better a job? We satisfy your soul"

"But you don't pay the bills" I yelled, clenched fist.

There's an unusual silence. It dawns on them this writing thingy don't pay a tad bit in the now. 

"And I'm killing y'all in chapter ten."

*Curtain falls*