Glee greetings,
I've got a digital guide for you today called The Writer’s Roadmap: 12 Steps to Make a Living Writing that you can download at no cost to you by clicking the link below. I've read it, I highly recommend you read it.
It’s from Jeff Goins, the author of multiple best-selling books. He’s also built a successful online business with hundreds of thousands of subscribers and millions of readers.

Why did he write this?

Because of this pervasive myth that 
"Writers don't make any money."
But is it true? It doesn't have to be. Yes, we have all heard the tales of starving artists.
But here's the other side of that story: You don't have to starve.
Not today.
Not with the countless opportunities that exist to share your message with the world.
Every year, writers do this. They bridge the gap between barely surviving and making a great living.
Jeff has personally taught hundreds of them each year in his Tribe Writers course and applauded as they've seen their dreams come true.
Here’s the deal…I’m tired of this whole "starving writer" thing.
It needs to go away.
That’s why I’m so excited to share Jeff’s process with you.
He’s literally documented the EXACT process that all professional writers follow to turn pro.
P.S. Jeff is only making this guide available for a short time, so get it while it’s still up.
If you’ve believed the lie that writers can’t make money …and even run a wildly successful business…you need to get this now:
Download the eBook Now (no cost - none - zero!)