We live in a world of constant distractions and interruptions. Time flies by faster than a single blink , leaving our hopes and dreams unfulfilled. But all hope is not lost. Your writing dreams and authorship wishes can be actualized with SCRIPTOPHOBIA: THE WORKBOOK

It's time to FOCUS on your goals and develop the writing skills crushed by the fear of writing. 

SCRIPTOPHOBIA: THE WORKBOOK is a powerful and yet simple to use, 56-day system to help you become a better writer and to develop the all-important writing habit that the successful authors you dream to be like, share.  

  1. Set your own writing goals and targets.
  2. Record and tracking your progress.
  3. Give yourself small rewards for your successes.
  4. Capture ideas and thoughts for plots, characters, locations, and more.
  5. And if you dare, you can accept weekly and daily writing challenges from me.  

This workbook is for people like you, whether you are an aspiring author, a published author looking to improve, or are simply writing for fun. 

Use it, commit to it and enjoy it and, trust me, 8 weeks from now you will be a better writer!

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Note: This is an accompyning Workbook of my book Scriptophobia - 15 Sure Ways To Deal With Fear Of Writing

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