Cum unto me
I am the messiah
Your anointed one
Bring in your heart like a pitcher
and unto me cum.
Of bliss, I preach 
I make dark pleasures bleach
until the white of stars
blend with cloud nine
like the glory of divinity
engulf all shades of sin
Fifty shades of seven
One divine thrust, 
and you'll feel heaven.
No mortal odds
with immortality you'll be even
From moans in morn
to noon and even'n
I'll bee with you - 
every sting, heaven
every string stricken
your moans shall be music...
How I rise in your praise.
So cum onto me
Come here, lay with me
Taste of my sultry grace
and drink from my embrace

Cum unto me,
In my father's house are many mansions
If it were not so I would've told you
'Fast, take your clothes off'
lay bare your soul
on the altar
your desires to alter
until one flesh we become...
I shall cloth you when I cum
with the horny comb your want.
So, suck
Suck even more
Until you become one with my taste
Until your dreams are haunted by my tastes
Until your lips of my wondrous cumin tell.

Cum unto me,
In my father's house are many mansions
But you must cunt the cost.
So, suck
Suck even more
Let me touch you sweetly
Let me feed you daily
with the fruit of my spirit
Until like rapture you climax 
to meet me in cloud nine...
forever in paradise.

Cum unto me,
Paradise is just a thrust away.
Come here, let me take you away
Don't keep the precious moments at bay
For salvation is one call away...
in my name.