If the entire world's a stage, then it's nice to be able to recognize the other actors. "God has given you one face and you made yourself another”, Hamlet says to Ophelia.

There are two sides to us all: The person we are and the person we pretend to be - This is confusing enough – We spend most of our lives examining people’s faces, working out whether we can trust them or not, and whether they are the thing they say they are. It becomes even more confusing when they turn up one day wearing someone else’s face.

Who do we want to tell our stories? 
Who can we entrust our secrets?

We want people who are honest and truthful. But we all have the emperor’s new clothes. Except that this time, no one is saying the emperor looks great in his amazingly royal purple. Neither are they saying that the emperor looks naked, or even ridiculous. Everyone is simply saying that the emperor looks like another person entirely. And that, regardless of how this change has happened, is a whole other level of illusion.

Hopefully, it can still turn out to be a hoax. People can be so fake, hypocritical and totally what they really ain’t. Deception, I call it! And when the real person behind that mask is unveiled, the whole ‘wild’ world is turn into confusion, and at most, regrets. No one seems to agree with anyone on who the real person is - the popular, widely accepted and recognized fake self or the new reality of the angel-disguised devil real self. And it gets even worse when this individual gives no explanation or apology whatsoever.

Fake personalities, dishonest honesty, ‘trueless’ truce-breakers, backstabbers, masked messiahs; they are everywhere: in the Church, Mosque, neighbourhood, family, worst still, in the very corridor of power.

Politicians: I’ve never heard about or met an honest lie-free politician. Isn’t interest their driving force? No selfish and self-centred individual possesses the virtue of honesty.

Transgender: Okay, that’s one subject that churns my inners. How do I reconcile the present ‘shemale’ scientific project with the former male natural selection? Isn’t it just crappy! Your mask your masculinity with a cloak of ‘girlie’, just in the outward appearance; yet your spirit self is all male and macho. Self-deception!

Fake Pastors: God be the judge in this. I remain sealed-lipped.
Fanatical Imams: Allah knows they that are his. The afterlife shall tell.

Unfaithful Lovers: Firstly, why cheat? Secondly, why him/her? May your ‘can of worms’ upturn in public. Amen?

Hypocritical Children: Saints at home, when under mum’s and dad’s surveillance camera, but whore in school. At home you clad your bitchy self with the longest of skirts, wrap your head with the dullest of scarf and your trunk with a turtle-neck blouse, sleeves longer than your arms.

Gangster in school, but at home you are mum’s good kid and dad’s boy. Your sins shall find you out, son.

Someday, the emperor shall be stripped off his purple. 

Someday… it’s just a matter of time, and the real person shall manifest. Lies don’t live forever. Truth surely overcomes.
Now you see why I trust no one.

The guy I knew yesterday is today, a pretty busty lady.

The vibrant ‘spirit-filled’ god of man you revered last year is being accused of ‘pussy-pounding’ (yaay! I used that word) a member’s wife.

The sanctimonious son at home turned out to be one of the cultist killed by the security agencies during a recent raid of their hide-out.

The pretty saintly sister, her tommy just got bigger. Please tell me not tis a mistake… the abortion claimed her life.

Our messiah of a politician, the people’s governor, who promised us heaven on earth… he leaves us in a sort of hell. The lies he told and the funds she stole shall stalk them forever until the hard bed of a jail meets their butt.

…and the friend I so trusted, turned out to be Lucifer’s cousin. Now my stories and secrets, which he/she knows, are in danger of being used against me.

“I don’t lie!”; she said… but that’s the lie of the 21st Sextury (yes, I made that up).

How about the boo who’s got a boo?

Sorry for the long read, but please, people, TRYNA BE REAL.
And the real question is, what would remain once there are no masks left to take off? What — or maybe who — is hiding behind them?

© Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

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