She would wink at me from the corner of her eyes.

She would dare to slap the tallest in my class
if he dares bully me for penning his name
in my list of noise makers.
She would share her pen 
when mine is spent.
She would help me take notes
when sick I lay in bed.
She played my advocate 
even when I least deserve it.
Her height, though intimidating
earned more of my admiration.
Her fingers
Her palms
though long and bold
compared to my petite own
were my favourite to hold.
She was loud and noisy
not never made the list.
She would speak Igbo
and wink 'you dare not write my name'
Her drawings, I did
when others I snub.
JSS 3 to SSS 1
I crushed on this pretty girl
But I was too shy to ink that poem.
I left without letting you know how much I care.
Had no time to appreciate
your kind gestures
undeserved defense...
You were my crush.

When I found first Facebook
you were the first I searched to add...
In vain I searched 
You were not found.
I stalked the walls of our classmates
hoping to find your like or comments...
In vain I stalked.
My heart aches
My bones are weak
Last night my tears
could make a stream.
I wish this really isnt true
that your stay on planet earth is due.

Can't bring myself to say RIP
My heart aches!
Right now I wish RIP
means Return if Possible.
Why should I have to say 'I Love You'
When your ears are dead to Reggae and Blues?

Truth is, we must learn to appreciate
the little little kind deeds we get each day.
We must to learn to rape earth with love
for every little care we get.
We should reciprocate each help
for none know when it will be death.
Now I realize that living starts with a G.
We must learn to GIVE
Give love!
Give appreciation!
Give hope!
Give help!
Give self!
Give time!
Giving is living.
Wish I could slip my tiny palms
into the bold palms of Augusta
and say those words I stayed in my heart
all through our high school days.

My heart aches!
'I Love You' would make no sense
but I'll say it anyway.

Rest in Peace, darling
I, Stefn, loved you.