Hello, I am Jaachi Anyatonwu

Poet || Publisher || Author || Songwriter || Poetry Coach

Something about me

I write stuff about things and things about stuff. Author of many poems and non-fiction books: Diary Of A Broken Poet, Sweetness, Scriptophobia, Creating Lead Generating eBooks, Self Publishing Successfully and Poemify. My publications include anthologies, self-help manuals and creative writing aides. Currently working as an Editor for Libracin Natural Med. I am known for my editing skills, creative writing and social media ad expertise.

Blog/Web Design

I can design amazing websites/blog for your writing, business and any other venture. Prices are affordable. Service efficient and reliable

Book Publishing And Cover Design

I'm in the business of creating beautiful books for brilliant authors. If you let me, I can show you the difference between an author and a writer, a manuscript and a book and printing and publishing.

Book Editing

One blunder an author can make is to publish a book without first ensuring that the manuscript is thoroughly groomed, because, a book, once published, becomes a standard for judging the author.

Writing Coach

I can coach and mentor you to be a better writer, poet and eventually, a published author.

Sweetness: A Collection of Poems

Sweetness: A Collection of Poems

3,500 Naira

Reading SWEETNESS is like snacking on a plate of heart-shaped candies. The language employed in these short delectable verses is simple; and the message is like a kiss-stamp on a pink postcard. This collection of poems promises to take you on a tour of lyrical beaches to see beautiful sunsets. The imagery is vivid, easily relatable! This book will make you yearn for love and the sweetness of romance.

Scriptophobia  -  15 Sure Ways To Deal With Fear Of Writing

Scriptophobia - 15 Sure Ways To Deal With Fear Of Writing

3,200 Naira

As a writer. You know how to write. You can write. You want to write. You know this and that, but it is still a battle you fight every day - The Fear of Writing. The fear doesn't go away. It just changes. The fear is always going to be there. The fear is going to change. Once you have conquered the first fear there will be new fear: A new worry. In the spirit of positive thinking let's call them challenges.